Student at a table by candlelight (1642) by Rembrandt

Student at a table by candlelight - Rembrandt - 1642

Artwork Information

TitleStudent at a table by candlelight
Art MovementBaroque,Tenebrism

About Student at a table by candlelight

The artwork titled “Student at a table by candlelight” is attributed to the renowned artist Rembrandt, created in the year 1642. The masterpiece belongs to the Baroque period and is influenced by Tenebrism, an artistic style that prominently features stark contrasts between light and dark. It is classified as a genre painting, a category of art depicting scenes of everyday life.

This evocative artwork illustrates the intimate scene of a student engrossed in reading or studying by the light of a single candle. The flickering candle casts a warm and focused glow on the student’s face and the open pages before him, drawing the viewer’s attention to the central narrative of contemplation and scholarly pursuit. The surrounding space is shrouded in shadows, highlighting the solitary figure and creating a deep sense of stillness and concentration. Rembrandt’s skilled use of light and shadow, characteristic of his Tenebrist approach, renders the scene with a dramatic and realistic quality, inviting the viewer to contemplate the quiet moment captured in time. The subject’s attire and the sparse furnishings suggest an earlier era, in keeping with the painting’s 17th-century context.

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