Studies on a great “picture of Mary” St. Katherina by Albrecht Durer

Studies on a great

Artwork Information

TitleStudies on a great "picture of Mary" St. Katherina
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance

About Studies on a great "picture of Mary" St. Katherina

The artwork “Studies on a great ‘picture of Mary’ St. Katherina” was created by Albrecht Dürer, a prominent figure in the Northern Renaissance art movement, which was characterized by a strong attention to detail and a focus on realism and naturalism. This piece belongs to a genre of religious painting, aligning with the thematic focus of much Northern Renaissance art. It forms part of the “Picture of Mary” series that Dürer worked on, demonstrating his interest in and reverence for religious iconography.

In this drawing, a close study of a female figure’s head is displayed, which is identified as St. Katherina. The artwork is delicately rendered in what appears to be black and white, relying on fine lines to shape the contours and features of the face. St. Katherina is depicted gazing upward, possibly in a moment of divine inspiration or contemplation. Her hair is adorned with what appear to be leaves or some form of decorative wreath. The expression captured by Dürer is contemplative and serene, suggestive of the saint’s pious nature. The monochromatic palette emphasizes the play of light and shadow, showcasing Dürer’s skill in portraying human emotion and realism. The sketch also features the artist’s distinctive monogram and the year 1521, providing insight into the period of its creation.

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