Study of Apple Trees at Eragny (c.1892 – c.1893) by Camille Pissarro

Study of Apple Trees at Eragny - Camille Pissarro - c.1892 - c.1893

Artwork Information

TitleStudy of Apple Trees at Eragny
ArtistCamille Pissarro
Datec.1892 - c.1893
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Study of Apple Trees at Eragny

Created by Camille Pissarro, the artwork titled “Study of Apple Trees at Eragny” is a pastel on paper created around the years 1892 to 1893. As a sketched study that forms part of the Impressionist movement, this piece is held in a private collection, illustrating Pissarro’s fascination with rural landscapes and light. The work epitomizes the Impressionist preoccupation with capturing transient moments in the natural world.

The artwork exhibits a rural scene defined by its vibrant yet soft dapples of color and light texture, characteristics indicative of pastel work. In the foreground, one observes the lush, sunlit grass, marked by strokes of varying shades of green and yellow, suggesting the play of light across the field. A few scattered apple trees rise at varying angles, their foliage rendered in a multitude of verdant hues that lend the trees a sense of volume and life. Portable ladders lean against some trees, a practical detail hinting at the trees’ cultivation.

In the midground, a row of bushes and trees form a natural barrier, while the background, composed of taller trees, provides a contrasting curtain of darker greens and blues, setting a boundary to the pastoral expanse. The sky above is portrayed with gentle washes of blue and white, indicating the presence of clouds and sky in a manner that seems to echo the fleeting essence of the atmosphere. This artwork captures not only the visual charm of an orchard at Eragny but also the essence of Pissarro’s influence within the Impressionist canon, celebrating the beauty of nature through his distinctive brushwork and color palette.

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