Study of Praying Hands (1508) by Albrecht Durer

Study of Praying Hands - Durer, Albrecht - 1508 - 2

Artwork Information

TitleStudy of Praying Hands
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Dimensions29 x 20 cm
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationAlbertina, Vienna, Austria
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About Study of Praying Hands

Praying Hands is a pen-and-ink drawing created in 1508 by Albrecht Dürer, a prominent painter and printmaker of the Renaissance era. The drawing displays the hands of an anonymous man praying with his body obscured on the right side. It is part of a series produced for an altarpiece and was initially requested by Jakob Heller, who it is named after. The piece depicts remarkable attention to detail, with every line purposeful and contributing to the overall harmony of the composition.

The “Praying Hands” artwork has become one of the most famous drawings globally, second only to Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man in popularity. Stored at the Albertina Museum in Vienna, Austria, this picture represents reverence and devotion that has inspired copies worldwide over time. This appreciation serves as evidence that it holds value beyond its religious message.

Dürer’s interpretation portrays impressively realistic depictions of nature and religious subjects throughout his career. His works represent more profound themes through realism that highlights emotions effectively portrayed within each subject he drew or painted. Beyond just religion, his art reflects historical landscapes and societal issues providing insight into past cultures while remaining relevant today.

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