Suicide of Lucretia (1515) by Titian

Suicide of Lucretia - Titian - 1515

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TitleSuicide of Lucretia
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Suicide of Lucretia

The artwork titled “Suicide of Lucretia” is a profound exemplar of the High Renaissance period, fashioned by the illustrious artist Titian in the year 1515. Crafted with oil on canvas, this history painting captures a deeply tragic moment in classical lore. Currently, this venerable piece resides within a private collection, eluding the gaze of the general public and preserving its mystique.

In the artwork, Titian vividly portrays Lucretia, a figure ensnared in a pivotal moment of despair, which seals her fate and subsequently catalyzes a monumental political transformation in Roman history. Her expression, illuminated by a masterful application of chiaroscuro, conveys an intense emotion that resonates with the viewer; her eyes, directed heavenward, seem to beseech for salvation or perhaps justice. The significant detail of Lucretia clutching a dagger, with the blade pointed towards herself, intensifies the gravity of the scene, epitomizing her agony and her resolve. Beside her, a shadowy male figure witnesses the scene, his presence adding a layer of narrative complexity. The resplendent textures of Lucretia’s garments, from the diaphanous white material to the richly hued cloak, demonstrate Titian’s skill in rendering varied fabrics and the play of light upon them. This work, while capturing a specific historical account, also reflects the heightened emotional and dramatic tendencies of the High Renaissance movement, emphasizing both the physical and psychological intensity of the moment.

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