Summer BoTo 1 (2023) by Silvia Szlapka

Summer BoTo 1 - Silvia Szlapka - 2023

Artwork Information

TitleSummer BoTo 1
ArtistSilvia Szlapka
MediumOil on Canvas

About Summer BoTo 1

The artwork entitled “Summer BoTo 1,” created by Silvia Szlapka in the year 2023, is an oil on canvas that measures 39.4 by 27.6 inches. It is characterized within the urban genre and embraces an abstract art movement. It is a vivid interpretation that seeks to represent its theme through a blend of colors and shapes that depart from the realistic depiction of urban life.

Observing the artwork, it is evident that the artist has employed a vibrant palette to convey the dynamism of urban existence. The composition features a blurred assembly of figures which evoke the sense of movement and bustling activity often found in cityscapes. The figures are portrayed in a manner that appears to be fragmented and softened, a technique indicative of an abstract style that forgoes detailed representations in favor of conveying a sense of the scene through shape, color, and form.

Every brush stroke brings life to the canvas with bold patches of color, suggesting the artist’s intention to channel the energy and fluidity of a summer day in the city. Rather than detailing specific features, the focus is on the interplay of light and color to suggest form, depth, and emotion, inviting viewers to connect with the artwork on a level beyond the literal. Through abstraction, the artist captures a snapshot of urban life that resonates with the observer’s own perceptual and emotional experiences.

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