Summertime: Number 9A (1948) by Jackson Pollock

Summertime: Number 9A - Jackson Pollock - 1948

Artwork Information

TitleSummertime: Number 9A
ArtistJackson Pollock
Mediummixed technique,canvas
Art MovementAction painting
Current LocationTate Modern, London, UK

About Summertime: Number 9A

The artwork “Summertime: Number 9A,” created by the influential artist Jackson Pollock in 1948, is a quintessential example of the Action painting movement, a genre within abstract art. This piece, executed through a mixed technique on canvas, currently resides at Tate Modern in London, United Kingdom. It embodies the spontaneity and dynamic nature of Pollock’s practice, where the act of painting itself is as significant as the resulting artwork.

Examining the artwork more closely, one is immediately struck by the sheer vitality and energy conveyed through Pollock’s characteristic drip technique. The canvas is a sprawling array of interwoven lines, splatters, and swirls of paint. The dominant colors include a range of blues, yellows, and blacks, all superimposed upon a relatively neutral background that allows the colors to stand out more strikingly. Pollock’s method involved laying the canvas on the ground and meticulously dripping, flinging, and splashing paint, creating a labyrinth of overlapping and intersecting lines that suggest a sense of motion and chaos. Yet, despite this apparent disorder, there remains a harmonious balance, demonstrating Pollock’s control and intention behind each gesture.

The rhythms created by the fluid and seemingly random arrangements of paint invoke a visual dance, echoing Pollock’s physical movements across the canvas. His techniques defied traditional brushwork, emphasizing an instinctive and physical engagement with his medium. “Summertime: Number 9A” is not only a visual experience but also a record of the artist’s performative interaction with his materials, a trait that is considered central to understanding Pollock’s contributions to abstract expressionism and modern art as a whole.

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