Sunday (1926) by Edward Hopper

Sunday - Edward Hopper - 1926

Artwork Information

ArtistEdward Hopper
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions86.36 x 73.66 cm
Art MovementNew Realism
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Sunday

Characterized by Hopper’s vision of 20th-century America, Sunday is an oil on canvas painting that depicts a group of white middle-class people without any ethnic or social tension. The painting showcases Hopper’s emphasis on simplified forms, painterly surfaces, and constructed compositions with its horizontal orientation and repeating shapes of windows. Hopper transformed everyday scenes into tense, enigmatic works of art, which demonstrate significant aspects instead of mere beauty.

Hopper’s aesthetic key lies in the horizontality of lines combined with the scenery and light. In Sunday, this is evident in the repetitive lines created by the apartment building’s windows in the top part of the painting. The building is simple yet visually captivating with its symmetrical design that emphasizes repetition horizontally. Despite its simplicity, one can appreciate how Hopper transforms seemingly mundane scenes into artwork with his unique style.

Overall, Sunday showcases Hopper’s ability to turn an ordinary subject matter into something surreal by emphasizing form and structure over realism. His work highlights a quiet yet enigmatic mood throughout each piece he creates. As a result, even though it depicts middle-class Americans without any signs of conflict or tension visible still draws viewers into a sense of suspense through visual elements such as symmetry and repetition present in his paintings.

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