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TitleSunium, Temple Of Poseidon
ArtistGreek Art

About Sunium, Temple Of Poseidon

The Temple of Poseidon is an ancient structure built in 444-440 BC on the ruins of an earlier temple dedicated to the Greek god of the sea. Located in Cape Sounion, about 80 km from Athens, this peripteral building was constructed using marble quarried from Agrileza and was designed in the Doric order. It boasts 38 elegant columns that support the entire structure while offering breathtaking views overlooking the Aegean Sea.

The hall of worship inside housed a magnificent bronze statue depicting Poseidon that towered at a height of 20 feet. Besides this place of worship, there is also an early Ionic temple built in honor of Athena during the fifth century and several kouroi created in honor of various figures during seventh century BCE. The temple played an important role during ancient religious festivals where worshippers would gather to offer sacrifices and prayers.

In addition to its cultural significance, the Temple of Poseidon has also inspired works of literature such as Lord Byron’s poem referencing the salamis battle which mentions it as his final resting place choice due to its beauty and historical significance. Visitors can see an early archaic Greek statue named Sounion Kouros that was discovered near this incredible sanctuary when exploring Greece artifacts dating back more than two thousand years ago.

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