Sunoon (c.1970) by Abdul Mati Klarwein

Sunoon - Abdul Mati Klarwein - c.1970

Artwork Information

ArtistAbdul Mati Klarwein
Art MovementFantastic Realism

About Sunoon

The artwork titled “Sunoon,” created by Abdul Mati Klarwein around the year 1970, is an exemplary piece within the Fantastic Realism movement. Belonging to the Visionary Psychedelia series, this symbolic painting captivates with its intricate details and thought-provoking motifs.

In “Sunoon,” Klarwein’s composition is richly saturated with vivid colors and highly detailed figures that blend the abstract with the real. The central focus is on a pair of human figures, depicted in a profile view that brings out the archetypal features prominently. The figures are surrounded by varying landscapes, with one side illustrating a desert expanse under a bright sun, while the other side transitions into a cosmic backdrop filled with stars and distant galaxies. Between them, a vibrant sunset or sunrise casts an array of purples and pinks into a cloud-filled sky.

The surreal juxtaposition of human forms with a variety of textures and patterns exemplifies the hybrid nature of Fantastic Realism. Klarwein’s use of space and form suggests a connection between the human and the cosmic, pointing to a harmony between the earthly and the divine. The meticulously rendered elements in the artwork intrigue the viewer, evoking metaphysical contemplation and allowing for multiple interpretations.

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