Supervielle, Large Banner Portrait (1945) by Jean Dubuffet

Supervielle, Large Banner Portrait - Jean Dubuffet - 1945

Artwork Information

TitleSupervielle, Large Banner Portrait
ArtistJean Dubuffet
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions130.2 x 97.2 cm
Current LocationThe Art Institute Of Chicago

About Supervielle, Large Banner Portrait

Supervielle, Large Banner Portrait is a painting by French artist Jean Dubuffet created in 1945. The artwork, which measures 130.2 × 97.2 cm, can be found at the Art Institute of Chicago. It was painted during a time when Dubuffet was seeking a new path for his art based outside Western artistic conventions.

Dubuffet’s approach to aesthetics embraced so-called “low art,” and Supervielle, Large Banner Portrait is an example of his departure from traditional art. Despite having vast knowledge of classical art and culture, he incorporated unconventional techniques in his work.

Perhaps most notably, Dubuffet founded the Art Brut movement or “Raw Art,” which focused on works created outside the boundaries of conventional culture and art education. This movement elevated marginalized artists and those struggling with mental health issues as important contributors to the world of art.

In conclusion, Supervielle, Large Banner Portrait is an important work that reflects Dubuffet’s unconventional approach to aesthetics and his contribution to the development of raw or outsider art movements in France.

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