Supper at Emmaus (1620) by Diego Velazquez

Supper at Emmaus - Diego Velazquez - 1620

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TitleSupper at Emmaus
ArtistDiego Velazquez
Dimensions123.2 x 132.7 cm
Art MovementBaroque
Current LocationMetropolitan Museum of Art (Met), New York City, NY, US

About Supper at Emmaus

The artwork “Supper at Emmaus” is a significant piece by Diego Velazquez completed in 1620. This oil on canvas painting belongs to the Baroque period, an era characterized by dramatic expression and powerful composition. The artwork measures 123.2 by 132.7 centimeters and is classified within the religious painting genre. It is currently housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York, United States.

“Supper at Emmaus” depicts the New Testament scene where Jesus, unrecognized after his Resurrection, reveals himself to two of his disciples in the village of Emmaus. In the artwork, three figures are arranged around a table set with a simple meal. Jesus is centrally positioned, identifiable by the nimbus of light around his head, and is engaging animatedly with one of the disciples. The disciple is shown in profile, leaning forward intently, as if hanging on every word spoken by Jesus. The other figure appears taken aback, his expression one of surprise and realization as the event unfolds. Velazquez’s command of illumination is evident, as light falls on the figures’ faces, heightening the emotional resonance of the scene and emphasizing the pivotal moment of recognition. The composition and the use of chiaroscuro, a hallmark of the Baroque style, add to the artwork’s sense of depth and realism, drawing the viewer into this momentous biblical event.

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