Supper at Emmaus (c.1530) by Titian

Supper at Emmaus - Titian - c.1530

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TitleSupper at Emmaus
Dimensions169 x 244 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationLouvre, Paris, France

About Supper at Emmaus

The artwork “Supper at Emmaus”, created by the esteemed artist Titian circa 1530, is a significant oil on canvas painting that embodies the High Renaissance art movement. With dimensions of 169 by 244 centimeters, this religious painting is included in the prestigious collection of the Louvre Museum located in Paris, France.

The painting depicts the biblical scene of the Supper at Emmaus, as described in the New Testament, where the resurrected Jesus appears to two of his disciples. The scene is set within a room that opens onto a landscape, providing a glimpse of the natural world beyond the intimate setting. The composition is anchored by the central figure of Christ, dressed in a vivid blue robe, who gestures calmly while engaged in revealing His identity to the astonished disciples at the table. His presence is serene, capturing the moment of recognition and spiritual realization.

The characters are portrayed with a meticulous attention to realism, particularly in their clothing and expressions—the two aspects Titian was particularly renowned for. On the left, a server stands with a dish, completing the assemblage as a testament to the ordinary transformed into a moment of divine revelation. The table is simply set with bread, fruit, a roast fowl, and glasses, symbolizing the Eucharistic elements. The artwork’s use of light and shadow, characteristic of the High Renaissance, brings a three-dimensional quality to the figures, who seem to occupy a tangible space within the viewer’s own world. This interplay of the ordinary with the divine emphasizes the spiritual theme of revelation through everyday occurrences, an idea that resonates deeply in Christian art and belief.

Foregrounding the scene is a cat, a common domestic addition that grounds the work in the reality of the time. This inclusion of everyday life serves to enhance the miraculous nature of the event depicted. Carefully crafted, this work encapsulates Titian’s masterful ability to convey religious narratives with psychological depth and a vivid sense of humanity.

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