Supremus No. 56 (1916) by Kasimir Malevich

Supremus No. 56 - Kasimir Malevich - 1916

Artwork Information

TitleSupremus No. 56
ArtistKasimir Malevich
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions31 3/4 x 28 in. (80.5 x 71 cm.)
Current LocationState Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

About Supremus No. 56

Supremus No. 56 is a painting by the renowned artist Kazimir Malevich, created in 1916 using oil on canvas. It is part of the Suprematism art form, which focuses on geometric shapes and lines to convey meaning. This artwork measures 80.5×71 cm and can be found in the State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg.

Malevich’s Supremus No. 56 consists of dynamic links of colored geometric figures that intersect one another and exist in harmony, representing the “letters” of the universal language of Suprematism. The painting falls under the category of abstract art since it does not represent any recognizable objects or subjects.

As a founder of the theoretical underpinnings of non-objective or abstract art, Malevich’s work has been praised as one of the most vital artistic developments of the century. He believed that pure color and form could communicate emotion more effectively than representational imagery.

While this painting is considered a complex yet almost cold example of Suprematism, it remains relevant to both artists and philosophers interested in exploring new forms for visual communication through abstraction.

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