Sur fond gris n. 10 (1963) by Alberto Magnelli

Sur fond gris n. 10 - Alberto Magnelli - 1963

Artwork Information

TitleSur fond gris n. 10
ArtistAlberto Magnelli
Art MovementAbstract Art
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About Sur fond gris n. 10

“Sur fond gris n. 10” is an abstract artwork by the artist Alberto Magnelli, created in the year 1963. This piece reflects the principles of Abstract Art, a movement that emphasized the use of shapes, colors, and lines to create compositions independent of visual references in the world. As a genre, the artwork prioritizes abstraction over the representation of recognizable objects or figures.

The artwork presents a composition of geometric forms seemingly floating against a muted grey background. The shapes, which include various triangles and polygons, are outlined by bold black lines that contribute to a sense of separation and definition among the forms. The color palette is relatively restrained, with the use of earth tones and primary colors that create a contrast against the grey backdrop. These elements are arranged in a balanced, yet dynamic manner, suggesting movement and interaction within the flat pictorial space. The use of texture within some of the shapes adds a layer of depth to the composition. Magnelli’s work, characteristic of his abstract style, invites viewers to interpret the spatial relationships and emotional resonances of the shapes and colors without the guidance of representational content.

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