Susie Berns Aka. Susan Wolf (1971) by Abdul Mati Klarwein

Susie Berns Aka. Susan Wolf - Abdul Mati Klarwein - 1971

Artwork Information

TitleSusie Berns Aka. Susan Wolf
ArtistAbdul Mati Klarwein
Art MovementMagic Realism,Fantastic Realism
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About Susie Berns Aka. Susan Wolf

The artwork titled “Susie Berns Aka. Susan Wolf” is a portrait created by the artist Abdul Mati Klarwein in 1971. It falls under the art movements of Magic Realism and Fantastic Realism, which are known for blending a realistic view of the natural world with fantastical elements, often with meticulous detail.

The painting depicts a figure that appears to be a woman with flowing, golden-red hair that cascades around her body, reminiscent of flames or waves. She has a serene and haunting expression, with her gaze fixed directly ahead. The background is dark blue, studded with a multitude of stars that radiate light, creating a cosmic or heavenly atmosphere. The subject’s hair and the celestial backdrop create a striking contrast. Around the figure, there seems to be a fiery and mystical aura that borders on the supernatural, with the hair taking on an almost tangible quality as it frames the figure’s body. The skin tones are painted in natural hues against the vivid colors of the environment, which include deep blues, radiant yellows, and fiery reds creating a sense of otherworldliness. Her arms are outstretched with one hand holding a bowl from which smoke or vapor emerges and the other hand gestures outward in a poised manner. The overall aesthetic conveys a powerful sense of the mystical and enigmatic, a hallmark of the art movements this work is associated with.

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