Table, Napkin, and Fruit (Un coin de table) (1895-1900) by Paul Cezanne

Table, Napkin, and Fruit (Un coin de table) - Paul Cezanne - 1895-1900

Artwork Information

TitleTable, Napkin, and Fruit (Un coin de table)
ArtistPaul Cezanne
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions18 1/4 x 22 in. (47 x 56 cm.)
Current LocationThe Barnes Foundation, Merion, Pennsylvania

About Table, Napkin, and Fruit (Un coin de table)

Table, Napkin and Fruit is a post-impressionist still life painting by Paul Cezanne that is located at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. Painted around 1895-1900, this work showcases Cezanne’s unique approach to still lifes. He developed his own style which has been described as architectural or sculptural, with semi-sculptural elements making appearances throughout many of his works.

Cezanne’s abstracted fruit became signature elements in his paintings, and “Table, Napkin and Fruit” is no exception. The painting features earthy tones alongside a well-thought-out composition that makes it relatable to audiences. Cezanne made approximately 200 still life paintings over the course of his career, solidifying himself as an important figure in art history.

The painting influenced many 20th century art movements including Cubism and Fauvism due to its unique style. Its placement at the Barnes Foundation offers visitors an up-close and personal look at one of Cezanne’s famous pieces within the United States. Overall, “Table, Napkin and Fruit” showcases Cezanne’s skillful ability to blend architecture with abstraction while leaving behind a lasting impact on the art world for years to come.

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