Tahitian woman near river (1893; French Polynesia) by Paul Gauguin

Tahitian woman near river - Paul Gauguin - 1893; French Polynesia

Artwork Information

TitleTahitian woman near river
ArtistPaul Gauguin
Date1893; French Polynesia
Art MovementCloisonnism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Tahitian woman near river

The artwork titled “Tahitian Woman near River” was painted by artist Paul Gauguin in 1893 during his time in French Polynesia. This painting is executed in oil on canvas and is a prime example of the Cloisonnism style, which is characterized by bold outlines and fields of vivid color reminiscent of the medieval enameling technique after which it is named. Belonging to the genre painting category, this work depicts scenes of everyday life, offering a glimpse into the cultural and natural context of its setting. Currently, the artwork is part of a private collection.

In “Tahitian Woman near River,” the viewer is presented with a lush and vibrant landscape, wherein several Tahitian women are engaged in activities near the riverbank. The colors are intense and expressive, evoking a sense of the tropical environment. Contours are defined with dark, bold lines, separating color planes in a manner typical of the Cloisonnism movement. Such composition defies the conventions of naturalistic representation, opting instead for a stylized portrayal that has a dream-like quality. This artwork successfully conveys the fusion of the natural world with the daily life of the Tahitian people, as seen through Gauguin’s unique artistic lens.

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