Tammuz (1962) by Mordecai Ardon

Tammuz - Mordecai Ardon - 1962

Artwork Information

ArtistMordecai Ardon
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions158 x 127 cm
Art MovementSurrealism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Tammuz

The artwork “Tammuz” by Mordecai Ardon, created in 1962, exemplifies the Surrealist movement through its enigmatic figuration and dream-like composition. This oil on canvas measures 158 by 127 centimeters and is presently held in a private collection. With its genre being figurative, Ardon’s painting weaves a cryptic narrative through its visual elements.

In the artwork, a rich and textured blue hue dominates the canvas, evoking a sense of the mystical or otherworldly. Central to the piece is an abstracted form that resembles a stringed musical instrument, possibly a lute or an oud, which seamlessly morphs into a human-like silhouette. This figure is adorned with strings that could suggest the potential for music or sound, yet it remains silent and still within the composition.

The background is a complex tapestry of geometric shapes, lines, and stars, scattered like a celestial map across the canvas. These patterns create a sense of depth and space, hinting at cosmic elements or a universe beyond our own. Interspersed among the geometric constellations are sporadic bursts of color and what appears to be a crescent moon, further adding to the cosmic and surreal quality of the painting. The artwork’s intricate layering and astral motifs imbue it with an enigmatic aura, characteristic of Surrealist art’s attempt to tap into the subconscious and explore the unknown.

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