Tangerines. Still life (2023) by Vita Schagen

Tangerines. Still life - Vita Schagen - 2023

Artwork Information

TitleTangerines. Still life
ArtistVita Schagen
MediumOil on Canvas
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About Tangerines. Still life

The artwork entitled “Tangerines. Still life” is a fine example of contemporary fine art, rendered in oil on canvas by artist Vita Schagen. Completed in the year 2023, the piece measures 19.7 by 15.7 inches. This still life composition is a representative work within the still life genre, showcasing the artist’s skill in capturing the essence of the subject matter through the medium of oil paint.

The artwork features a vibrant composition of tangerines arranged on a plate, with the central focus being the cluster of brightly colored fruit. The tangerines are depicted with a strong sense of volume and texture, suggesting the juicy and tangy nature of the citrus. One of the tangerines is partially peeled, providing a contrast between the orange skin and the segment’s inner flesh. The artist has carefully observed the play of light on the surfaces, with highlights and shadows contributing to the roundness of the fruit.

In the background of the still life, there is a vase with a plant, adding a vertical dimension to the arrangement and contrasting with the rounded shapes of the tangerines. The backdrop is created with broad, expressive brushstrokes, featuring hues of pink, purple, and blue, which complement the warm tones of the oranges. The bold use of color and the simplified forms suggest a modern approach to the traditional still life painting, emphasizing the artwork’s place within contemporary movements of fine art.

Overall, the painterly quality and the lively, impasto brushwork convey a sense of immediacy and spontaneity, while the composition itself remains thoughtfully balanced. This artwork is a testament to Schagen’s ability to revitalize a classical theme with a fresh and dynamic perspective.

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