Target (ULAE 147) (1974) by Jasper Johns

Target (ULAE 147) - Jasper Johns - 1974

Artwork Information

TitleTarget (ULAE 147)
ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementPop Art

About Target (ULAE 147)

The artwork titled “Target (ULAE 147)” was created by the artist Jasper Johns in 1974. As a notable figure within the Pop Art movement, Johns crafted this piece as an exemplar of the figurative genre. This work, representative of a period defined by the blending of popular imagery and high art, exhibits a daring confluence of common visual symbols with traditional art techniques.

The artwork itself is compelling in its simplicity and vivid color scheme. Dominated by the concentric circles of a target, the composition is a bold juxtaposition of primary and secondary colors. The target, contained within a rough rectangular form, is centrally placed and consists of bands of red, yellow, and blue, with the background divided into blocks of unblended color: green, purple, and red. These sections, rendered with purposeful brushstrokes, display a raw, tactile quality, conveying the artist’s direct engagement with the canvas.

Distinct drips and streaks of paint cascade down the canvas, suggesting a sense of immediacy and the dynamic process of the artwork’s creation. Though the subject—a target—is an ordinary object, Johns elevates it through his painterly style, transforming the mundane into a symbol open to a multiplicity of interpretations. The result is a work that resides at the intersection of abstraction and representation, challenging viewers to question the nature of signs and the context in which art exists.

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