Target (ULAE 89) by Jasper Johns

Target (ULAE 89) - Jasper Johns -

Artwork Information

TitleTarget (ULAE 89)
ArtistJasper Johns

About Target (ULAE 89)

“Target (ULAE 89)” is an artwork by Jasper Johns, who is an artist renowned for his contributions to the abstract genre. The artwork presents a simplicity that belies its potential for profound interpretation, embodying a confluence of abstraction and symbolic imagery.

The artwork features a series of concentric circles that form a target, a motif that is recurrent in Johns’ oeuvre. These circles are rendered with a precise hand, suggesting the meticulous nature of the artist’s process. Below the geometric figure, one finds the word “TARGET” followed by the year “1970,” which together with the artist’s signature, authenticate the work. Additionally displayed are three primary colored spots — red, yellow, and blue — aligned horizontally alongside a paintbrush, hinting at the fundamental elements of color theory and the creative act. The arrangement generates a dialogue between the artist’s iconic visual language and the viewer’s perceptions of art and representation.

The inclusion of the tools of creation — the paint and brush — beneath the graphic representation of the target suggests a metatextual commentary. It alludes to the interplay between the intention, the creation, and the perception of art, a theme that resonates within the larger scope of Johns’ artistic philosophy. This work, while abstract in nature, invites the observer to contemplate the relationship between the symbols presented and the broader contexts they may imply.

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