Target (Universal Limited Art Editions 35) by Jasper Johns

Target (Universal Limited Art Editions 35) - Jasper Johns -

Artwork Information

TitleTarget (Universal Limited Art Editions 35)
ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementPop Art

About Target (Universal Limited Art Editions 35)

The artwork entitled “Target (Universal Limited Art Editions 35)” was created by Jasper Johns, a renowned figure in the Pop Art movement. This piece exemplifies the abstract genre in which the artist operates. The artwork presents an abstract representation of a target, embodying the essential characteristics of Pop Art through its utilization of iconic imagery and vibrant colors.

Upon examining the artwork, one observes a central motif consisting of concentric circles, reminiscent of a traditional archery target. These circles are rendered in a distinctive palette of primary colors—blue and yellow—enclosed by a border of red. The use of bold, unmodulated colors and the stark contrast between them is typical of Pop Art’s style, emphasizing visual impact. The texture appears to be intentionally uneven, reflecting the tactile quality of paint and adding a sense of depth through variations in color intensity and brushwork.

The composition is straightforward, yet it exudes a profound complexity through its abstraction and the way it engages viewers, potentially eliciting a range of interpretations. Johns’ work often blurs the line between the object and its representation, inviting observers to question the traditional relationship between art and the symbols and objects it portrays. Despite the seeming simplicity of its subject, the artwork is a thought-provoking piece that underscores the capacity of Pop Art to transform familiar, everyday symbols into profound visual statements.

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