Target with Four Faces (ULAE 55) (1968) by Jasper Johns

Target with Four Faces (ULAE 55) - Jasper Johns - 1968

Artwork Information

TitleTarget with Four Faces (ULAE 55)
ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementPop Art

About Target with Four Faces (ULAE 55)

“Target with Four Faces (ULAE 55)” is a distinguished work of art by Jasper Johns, created in 1968. This piece is emblematic of the Pop Art movement and is categorized under the figurative genre. Within the realm of Pop Art, Johns’ artwork represents a fusion of abstract elements with recognizable, everyday symbols.

The artwork presents a bold and striking composition. The central motif, a concentric circular target, dominates the scene with its vibrant hues of blue and yellow, surrounded by a halo of scribbled, energetic black lines that seem to pulse with movement. The target is set against a fiery red background that is further animated by the sketchy, almost frenetic strokes of black lines, which lend a textural and dynamic quality to the piece.

Above the target, a series of four faces appear, arranged in a horizontal row. These faces are subtle and somewhat obscured, suggesting a sense of ambiguity and detachment. Their presence, while not overtly detailed, lends an intriguing human element to the artwork. Rendered in a wooden, panel-like texture, they juxtapose the vivid, graphical target below, creating a complex interplay between the figurative and the abstract, the personal and the impersonal.

Johns’ work cleverly blurs the lines between high art and popular culture, using familiar icons and symbols to provoke contemplation on their meaning and our interaction with them. “Target with Four Faces” is not simply representational but invites the viewer into a deeper dialogue with the imagery, much in keeping with the intellectual curiosity characteristic of Johns’ broader oeuvre.

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