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Temple Of Concord - Greek Art -

Artwork Information

TitleTemple Of Concord
ArtistGreek Art
Dimensions112 x 19.70 m (336 x 60 ft)
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About Temple Of Concord

The Temple of Concordia in Agrigento is a prime example of ancient Greek architecture and artwork. It was constructed between 450 and 430 BC and is often referred to as the Parthenon of Magna Graecia. This well-preserved temple measures 40 x 17 meters and features a closed cell containing the statue of the deity, possibly due to concerns about theft or damage from weather.

The temple’s six columns on the fronts and thirteen on the long sides are in Doric style, making it one of the largest and best-preserved Doric temples in both Sicily and Greece. The temple was probably dedicated to Castor and Pollux, although there is no concrete evidence. The location had religious significance even in the Mycenaean age.

The Temple of Concordia is also noteworthy because it was later repurposed by Roman religion as an important place for religious rituals dedicated to their goddess of harmony, Concordia. In Rome, several temples were dedicated to this goddess, with one located at the end of Via Sacra being the most notable. Today, visitors from all over come to marvel at this ancient architectural feat that has withstood thousands of years.

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