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Temple Of Poseidon - Greek Art -

Artwork Information

TitleTemple Of Poseidon
ArtistGreek Art
Dimensions60 x 19.55 m (196 x 64 ft)

About Temple Of Poseidon

The Temple of Poseidon, located in Cape Sounion, Greece was built between 444-440 BC. It is a peripteral building of the Doric order made from marble sourced from Agrileza. The temple featured 38 columns standing at a height of 20 feet and had a 20 feet tall bronze statue of Poseidon. Art historians believe that the Greek god Poseidon had his trident in one hand and stood firmly on rocks overlooking the Aegean Sea, where he reigned as the god of sea, water, earthquakes, and horses in ancient Greek religion.

Greek art during the Early Classical Period (480/479-450 B.C.E.) showcased sculptural work displaying both archaizing holdovers and Severe Style. Some notable examples of this artwork include a celebrated bronze statue recovered from Cape Artemisium shipwreck which dates back to c.460 BCE.

Today, tourists can visit the Temple by KTEL buses that run from Athens to Cape Sounion hourly. Though reconstruction efforts did take place on surviving columns during the late 1950s for preservation purposes, visitors can bask in its beauty as it overlooks the sea standing at an elevation of approximately sixty meters.

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