Tennyson (1959) by Jasper Johns

Tennyson - Jasper Johns - 1959

Artwork Information

ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism

About Tennyson

The artwork titled “Tennyson” by Jasper Johns, created in 1959, is situated within the art movement known as Abstract Expressionism. This genre is recognized for its abstract qualities, and Jasper Johns’ creation “Tennyson” exemplifies this approach to art. The artwork embodies the emotional intensity and gestural brushwork that are characteristic of Abstract Expressionism.

The artwork presents a predominantly dark, textured field that dominates the composition. The vigorous, vertically oriented brushstrokes contribute to a palpable sense of depth and movement within the piece, allowing the observer to infer a certain dynamism despite the abstraction. At the bottom of this field, the word “TENNYSON” is prominently inscribed, contrasting with the otherwise non-representational form and texture of the work. This integration of text into the visual field is a distinctive aspect of Johns’ practice, blurring the line between literature and visual art. The palette is largely monochromatic, with the dense, dark tones suggesting a somber, introspective quality. The physicality of the artwork is emphasized by the visible layers and texture, which are indicative of the artist’s direct engagement with the medium. Johns’ signature appears unobtrusively at the bottom right corner, subtly anchoring his authorship of the work. The overall effect of “Tennyson” is one of a profound and contemplative interaction with the viewer, characteristic of Johns’ exploration of abstraction and the written word.

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