The Adoration of the Name of The Lord (1772) by Francisco Goya

The Adoration of the Name of The Lord - Francisco Goya - 1772

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TitleThe Adoration of the Name of The Lord
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions700 x 1500 cm
Art MovementRomanticism

About The Adoration of the Name of The Lord

The artwork “The Adoration of the Name of The Lord” by Francisco Goya dates back to 1772 and was crafted using the fresco technique. Embodying the Romanticism art movement, the piece features a grand scale with dimensions measuring approximately 700 x 1500 cm, and falls within the religious painting genre, depicting a scene steeped in spiritual significance.

In the artwork, the focus is on a celestial vision where the sacred name of God, represented by the Tetragrammaton in a radiant triangle, is adored by a host of figures. This array of onlookers and worshippers is bathed in a divine light, emanating from the name of God, which stands as the focal point of the composition. Angels can be observed in various attitudes by the triangle—some in flight, some in adoration. Below these celestial beings, the earthly realm is represented by a multitude of people from different walks of life, including clergy, nobility, and ordinary citizens who are either engaged in devout worship or are overwhelmed by the awe-inspiring vision before them.

The palette of the artwork is dominated by subdued, darker tones, with the exception of the luminous triangle, highlighting the contrast between the divine and the mortal. Goya’s masterful use of chiaroscuro enhances the drama and emotion of the scene, inviting the viewer to contemplate the divine presence and its effect on humanity. The arrangement of figures and the play of light and shadow create a dynamic and powerful scene, encapsulating the spiritual fervor and intensity that characterizes much of the Romantic period in art.

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