The Alban Hills (1873) by George Inness

The Alban Hills - George Inness - 1873

Artwork Information

TitleThe Alban Hills
ArtistGeorge Inness
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions30 x 45 in (76.2 x 144.3 cm)

About The Alban Hills

American artist George Inness painted “The Alban Hills near Rome” in oil on canvas in 1873. The painting depicts a looming storm over the Alban Hills, which dominates the background of the image. Inness was a prominent American landscape painter and an influential artist of the 19th century.

Inness was influenced by several art movements, from the Old Masters to Emanuel Swedenborg’s theology. His work evolved from romanticism to more impressionistic tendencies as he aged. This painting captures his grasp of light piercing through clouds intermittently, despite its somber atmosphere.

“The Alban Hills near Rome” is a captivating representation of nature’s dramatic beauty and raw power. Its subtle realism showcases Inness’s technical mastery and artistic prowess and draws attention to his fascination with capturing both light and space on canvas. Gifted to the museum in 1927, it has become one of Inness’s most notable works and has been reproduced widely by various sources all over print media for its sheer artistic beauty.

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