The Alps Seen from Cap d’Antibes (1888) by Claude Monet

The Alps Seen from Cap d'Antibes - Claude Monet - 1888

Artwork Information

TitleThe Alps Seen from Cap d'Antibes
ArtistClaude Monet
Art MovementImpressionism

About The Alps Seen from Cap d'Antibes

“The Alps Seen from Cap d’Antibes” is an artwork by Claude Monet from 1888, representing the Impressionist movement, and it is categorized within the genre of landscape painting. This work is part of a series of paintings where Monet captured different light and weather conditions.

In the artwork, Monet depicts a sweeping vista of the Alps, subtly blurred in the hazy light, seen from the vantage point of Cap d’Antibes. The mountains rise in the background, bathed in soft purples and pinks, suggesting the gentle glow of sunlight. The middle ground is dominated by the tranquil blue hues of the sea, speckled with the delicate white dots of sailing boats. In the foreground, lush and varied vegetation is rendered with vigorous brushstrokes, capturing the essence and movement of the flora in shades of green, yellow and brown. The texture and color are layered to create a sensation of depth and atmosphere. The sky, a pale gradient of blues and whites, adds to the overall serenity and expansive feel of the scene. Monet’s technique is evocative of the Impressionist style, aimed at capturing the fleeting moments of light and color, and it brings to the observer a sense of the Mediterranean’s unique luminosity and ambiance.

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