The Anger of Achilles (1819) by Jacques-Louis David

The Anger of Achilles - Jacques-Louis David - 1819

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TitleThe Anger of Achilles
ArtistJacques-Louis David
Dimensions105 x 145 cm
Art MovementNeoclassicism
Current LocationKimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, TX, US

About The Anger of Achilles

The artwork titled “The Anger of Achilles” is a creation by Jacques-Louis David dating back to 1819. This mythological painting, a reflection of the Neoclassical art movement, is executed in oil on canvas. Measuring 105 by 145 centimeters, the artwork is currently housed at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. It has been recognized not only for its historical portrayal but also for its artistic significance within the Neoclassical genre.

“The Anger of Achilles” depicts a scene from Homer’s epic, “The Iliad,” showcasing a moment of intense emotion and moral conflict. The central figure is Achilles, dressed in a red cloak and holding a spear, his expression one of restrained fury. To his left stands Agamemnon, the Greek king, rendered with a regal bearing and authoritative stance. Between them is Briseis, the cause of their conflict, portrayed with downcast eyes and a modest demeanor that underscores her role as the innocent victim in the dispute. The artwork captures the tension of the narrative through the stances and expressions of the characters, as well as through the use of rich, evocative colors and sharp contrasts of light and shadow. The Neoclassical style is evident in the clear lines, poised composition, and the revival of classical themes from antiquity, emphasizing the moral and ethical dilemmas faced by its subjects.

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