The Annunciation (c.1519) by Titian

The Annunciation - Titian - c.1519

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TitleThe Annunciation
Dimensions179 x 207 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationTreviso Cathedral, Treviso, Italy

About The Annunciation

“The Annunciation” is a religious painting created by the renowned artist Titian around 1519. This High Renaissance artwork, executed in oil on panel, measures 179 by 207 centimeters. It captures a pivotal moment in Christian narrative and currently resides within the sacred boundaries of the Treviso Cathedral, located in Treviso, Italy. The artwork, which has been regarded as an exemplar of religious expression in art, continues to inspire and draw admiration from audiences around the world.

The artwork presents an architectural setting that frames the encounter between the Virgin Mary and the Angel Gabriel. It is composed with dramatic spatial depth, embellished by the illusionistic use of perspective creating a sense of three-dimensional space. To the left, the Virgin Mary is depicted kneeling, with a humble posture and a gesture of submission, signifying her acceptance of the divine message. Her attire, rich in color and fabric, contrasts with her modest demeanor. To the right, Gabriel enters dynamically, his garments echoing the movement of his arrival, and his wings spread wide. The angel’s gesture indicates the act of delivering the announcement of the Incarnation. The background opens to a sky where divine light breaks through, symbolizing the heavenly intervention into the earthly realm.

An onlooker, traditionally identified as a donor or a witness to the sacred event, is subtly placed in the background. The overall composition is a testament to Titian’s skillful use of color, light, and composition, rendering the scene with a tangible emotional depth that is a hallmark of High Renaissance artistry.

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