The Apparition (c. 1874-76) by Gustave Moreau

The Apparition - Moreau, Gustave - c

Artwork Information

TitleThe Apparition
ArtistGustave Moreau
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions103 x 142 cm
Art MovementSymbolism
Current LocationMusée National Gustave Moreau, Paris, France
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About The Apparition

The Apparition by Gustave Moreau is an oil painting created between 1874 and 1876. The artwork is currently housed at the Musée National Gustave Moreau in Paris, and measures 46.7 x 55.9 cm. This work of art displays two human figures, who appear to be emerging from the shadows of a moonlit night. The central figure is a female wearing a bright white dress and a crown with wings on the side of her head, while the second figure appears to be her lover – possibly Cupid – covered in swirls of red fabric and wielding a bow and arrow..

This enigmatic piece by Gustave Moreau captures a moment between powerful forces, as love appears to be overcoming death. Through its calm color palette, mysterious figures, and tranquil atmosphere, it inspires feelings of hope and peace. The Apparition serves as an example of Gustave Moreau’s exceptional talent for evoking emotion through his artwork. Another exemplary work from this master artist is Hesiod And The Muse (1891). This painting shows Hesiod flanked by the nine muses who give him inspiration for his writing – an awe-inspiring artwork that celebrates creativity!

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