The Ascension Of St. Rose Of Lima (1896) by Aubrey Beardsley

The Ascension Of St. Rose Of Lima - Aubrey Beardsley - 1896

Artwork Information

TitleThe Ascension Of St. Rose Of Lima
ArtistAubrey Beardsley

About The Ascension Of St. Rose Of Lima

The Ascension of St. Rose of Lima is an oil on canvas artwork painted by the English Art Nouveau artist Aubrey Beardsley in 1896. The theme of the Ascension, which depicts the ascent of Jesus Christ into heaven, has been a popular subject in art dating back to the 5th century. In this painting, Beardsley portrays the ascension of St. Rose of Lima, a Peruvian saint known for her piety and devotion.

The painting features a striking contrast between the earthly and divine spheres. In the foreground, we see St. Rose’s figure surrounded by intricate patterns and rich textures that emphasize her humanity. Behind her looms a bright, white light that symbolizes her ascent into heaven as she is lifted up by two angels.

Beardsley’s style is characterized by its bold outlines and intricate patterns that draw from classical Japanese art and contemporary Art Nouveau trends. His depiction of St. Rose’s ascension reflects these stylistic aspects while also conveying a sense of awe-inspiring spirituality.

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