The Basket of Pears (1925) by Juan Gris

The Basket of Pears - Juan Gris - 1925

Artwork Information

TitleThe Basket of Pears
ArtistJuan Gris
Dimensions46 x 55 cm
Art MovementCubism
Current LocationScottish National Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

About The Basket of Pears

“The Basket of Pears” is a notable work by the artist Juan Gris, completed in the year 1925. This piece, executed in oil on canvas, measures 46 by 55 centimeters and is a representation of the still life genre. As a product of the Cubist movement, the artwork displays the distinctive fragmentation and geometric reconstruction of form associated with this style. Currently, this artwork is housed in the Scottish National Gallery located in Edinburgh, UK.

The artwork features a composition rich in angular forms and a restrained color palette typical of Cubism, where naturalistic colors give way to monochromatic and muted tones. Dominating the canvas, a basket with pears sits at the forefront. The pears themselves are lightly abstracted, maintaining a semblance of their natural shape, but are rendered with the geometric simplification characteristic of Cubist works. In the background, there appears to be a bowl or container filled with spherical objects that could be interpreted as grapes or another type of fruit, although their precise identity is obscured by the stylization.

Juan Gris’s treatment of surfaces and textures is evident, with distinguishable differences between the smoothness of the draped fabric, perhaps a tablecloth, and the woven texture of the basket. The background is composed of overlapping planes and shapes that suggest spatial depth while at the same time flattening the sceneā€”a hallmark of Cubist spatial ambiguity.

It’s important to note the interplay of light and shadow in the artwork, as well as the careful balance between the solid colors and the linear elements that delineate the shapes. Gris’s compositional mastery is on display as he guides the viewer through a series of intersecting planes and forms that challenge traditional perceptions of depth and perspective.

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