The Battle Of San Romano: (c. 1440) by Uccello (paolo Di Dono)

The Battle Of San Romano: - Uccello (paolo Di Dono) - c. 1440

Artwork Information

TitleThe Battle Of San Romano:
ArtistUccello (paolo Di Dono)
Datec. 1440
MediumTempera On Wood
Dimensions180 x 316 cm
Current LocationMusée Du Louvre, Paris

About The Battle Of San Romano:

Paolo Uccello’s paintings of The Battle of San Romano are a testament to the artist’s incredible skill and imagination. Completed in the 1430s, Uccello’s three-panel masterpiece depicts the events of the battle between Florence and Siena in 1432. While there is no documentation outlining what exactly happened during this battle, Uccello created his paintings based on eye-witness accounts and his own artistic vision.

The three panels celebrate Florence’s victory over Siena, with each panel depicting different turning points in the conflict over access to Pisa. The central panel features an intense combat scene where Florentine soldiers are shown breaking through a group of Sienese knights. The artwork is significant for revealing the development of linear perspective in early Italian Renaissance painting, with its use of depth and spatial relations.

Uccello’s paintings are considered his magnum opus and demonstrate his mastery of color, form, texture, and composition. They also challenge traditional approaches to contemporary art by portraying a secular subject matter. While the central panel is exhibited at the Galleria Uffizi in Florence, Italy, other panels are displayed abroad in London and Paris respectively.

Overall, Paolo Uccello’s Battle Of San Romano is an exceptional work that continues to captivate viewers today with its attention to detail, bold use of coloration as well as its depiction of one particular moment in history combined with artistic license.

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