The Battle of Tailleburg (draft) (1834-35) by Eugene Delacroix

The Battle of Tailleburg (draft) - Eugene Delacroix - 1834-35

Artwork Information

TitleThe Battle of Tailleburg (draft)
ArtistEugene Delacroix
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions53 x 66.5 cm
Current LocationMusée du Louvre, Paris

About The Battle of Tailleburg (draft)

Eugene Delacroix’s Battle of Taillebourg is a historic painting commissioned by Louis-Philippe I for his Gallery of Battles at the Palace of Versailles. This artwork depicts the fateful battle between the French and English, which took place on July 21, 1242. The painting measures 66.5 x 53 cm and is placed in between Charles-Philippe Larivière’s and Horace Vernet’s works at the Palace.

Delacroix was known as a French Romantic painter who expressed intense emotions in his works. His Battle of Taillebourg draft was completed between 1834 and 1835. The painting showcases a chaotic and violent war scene, with armed soldiers fighting on horseback amidst smoke from war guns.

Despite its small size, The Battle of Taillebourg conveys a great sense of drama and excitement through Delacroix’s mastery of color use and expressionistic brushstrokes. Overall, this artwork affirms Delacroix’s position as one of France’s most celebrated artists during the Romantic period, showcasing his deep understanding of artistic techniques for dramatic effect.

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