The Black Press Urged The People To Leave The South (1940-41) by Jacob Lawrence

The Black Press Urged The People To Leave The South - Jacob Lawrence - 1940-41

Artwork Information

TitleThe Black Press Urged The People To Leave The South
ArtistJacob Lawrence
MediumTempera On Gesso On Composition Board
Dimensions18 x 12 in.
Current LocationThe Museum Of Modern Art, New York

About The Black Press Urged The People To Leave The South

Jacob Lawrence, one of the most prominent 20th-century African-American painters, documented the African American experience through his artwork. His Migration Series depicted the Great Migration of African-Americans from the rural South to the urban North in a unique way that captured the essence of Black life and history. The Black press urged people to leave the South during this time due to social oppression and discrimination.

Lawrence’s work is stylized while maintaining vivid realism, drawing attention to socio-political issues affecting Black communities at his time. He produced some of his most famous works during the Harlem Renaissance – a cultural movement emphasizing African American art, literature, and music within New York City.

In addition to documenting racial tensions in America through art, Lawrence also portrayed scenes from World War II in his War Series using bright colors with dark outlines. These paintings were based on his own experiences as an enlisted laborer in a Coast Guard base on Long Island.

During a time when African Americans faced systemic racism and violence like lynching in many parts of America due to Jim Crow laws, Jacob Lawrence’s paintings offered a voice for those who couldn’t speak out. Through unique artistic portrayal techniques tailored towards explaining topics that were previously difficult for society to grasp fully with words alone; storytelling became more accessible than ever before – encouraging activism over conventional forms of expression such as writing or protests.

With an unwavering dedication toward portraying various themes throughout hsi artworks Jacob Lawrence has left behind lasting messages about disenfranchisement experienced by Black communities across America (and elsewhere).

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