The Boulevard de Port-Royal, Paris (1877) by Johan Jongkind

The Boulevard de Port-Royal, Paris - Johan Jongkind - 1877

Artwork Information

TitleThe Boulevard de Port-Royal, Paris
ArtistJohan Jongkind
Dimensions42.2 x 66.5 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationNational Gallery, London, UK

About The Boulevard de Port-Royal, Paris

“The Boulevard de Port-Royal, Paris,” crafted by Johan Jongkind in 1877, is an oil painting emblematic of the Impressionist movement. The artwork’s dimensions are 42.2 x 66.5 cm and it falls within the genre of cityscape. It currently resides at the National Gallery in London, UK, showcasing a dynamic and vibrant portrayal of urban life.

The artwork captures a broad boulevard flanked by rows of trees, with the expanse leading the viewer’s gaze into the horizon. The bustling Parisian street is animated by the presence of small, impressionistically rendered figures suggestive of everyday life in the 19th century. On the left-hand side, the city’s greenery stands lush and full, providing a natural frame to the composition. The right side of the painting features architectural structures, possibly residential or public buildings, with classical details that lend a sense of grandeur to the scene.

Jongkind’s brushwork is loose and fluid, typifying Impressionist techniques that emphasize the effects of light and atmosphere over precise detail. The sky above is a canopy of shifting blues and whites, indicating a vast, airy expanse that contributes to the sense of openness within the urban landscape. Throughout the artwork, the play of light and shadow is evident, not only on the structures and foliage but also along the broad avenue itself, where shafts of sunlight likely pierce through an overcast sky to dapple the ground below.

The Boulevard de Port-Royal, Paris is a testament to Jongkind’s ability to capture the ephemeral qualities of light and mood, marking him as a forerunner and influential figure to the Impressionist painters who would follow his experimental engagement with color and form.

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