The Bower Meadow (1872) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The Bower Meadow - Dante Gabriel Rossetti - c.1871 - 1872

Artwork Information

TitleThe Bower Meadow
ArtistDante Gabriel Rossetti
Datec.1871 - 1872
Dimensions78.74 x 66.36 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationFitzwilliam Museum (University of Cambridge), Cambridge, UK

About The Bower Meadow

“The Bower Meadow,” a pastel artwork by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, dates from circa 1871-1872 and exemplifies the Romantic movement in art. This genre painting measures 78.74 x 66.36 cm and is currently housed within the Fitzwilliam Museum at the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, UK.

In the artwork, three figures are intricately composed, capturing a serene and intimate moment. The central character appears to be two women with strikingly similar features, perhaps suggesting a close bond such as sisterhood; they possess the pre-Raphaelite aesthetic characteristic of Rossetti’s work with their luminous skin and flowing hair. The woman on the left is engrossed in playing a stringed instrument not immediately identifiable, while the woman on the right holds what appears to be a sheet of music, suggesting a collaborative musical endeavor. An additional figure, a child with auburn hair, is situated behind them, holding a flute and contributing to the pastoral scene. The use of soft, muted tones and the somber expressions of the women lend a reflective and ethereal quality to the scene. The intimate framing and the lack of a discernible background focus the viewer’s attention on the figures and their quiet interaction. The overall atmosphere of the artwork is one of contemplative tranquility, characteristic of the Romantic ethos that sought to capture the beauty and complexity of human emotion and the grandeur of nature.

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