The Burial of Count Orgasz (1586) by El Greco

The Burial of Count Orgasz - El Greco - 1586

Artwork Information

TitleThe Burial of Count Orgasz
ArtistEl Greco
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions480 x 360 cm
Current LocationSanto Tome, Toledo

About The Burial of Count Orgasz

El Greco’s celebrated masterpiece, The Burial of the Count of Orgaz, portrays a local legend of Don Gonzalo Ruiz’s burial in Toledo, Spain. Art historians consider the painting as the pinnacle of Mannerism style and El Greco’s greatest work. Created in 1586, this is a prime example of how art combines religious concepts with everyday life incidents.

The painting showcases two different worlds- heaven and earth- to portray Don Gonzalo Ruiz’s legacy. Heaven is presented through a divine glow falling on him and St. Stephen holding his soul while Earth shows mourners gathered for the funeral procession, including notable local figures from that era such as Luis de Gongora and Francisco de Pisa. It is said that El Greco added their portraits to pay tribute to their support.

There are symbolic representations too like two men who hold Count Orgaz by lower legs were ultimately his pallbearers; it was considered an honor bestowed upon only righteous people in those times. Another interesting aspect is that El Greco himself painted himself at recognizing the scene being played out below – this proved he didn’t just have an artistic commitment but one rooted in human relationships too. Overall, The Burial of Count Orgaz is an excellent display of El Greco’s brilliant work both as an artist and storyteller- For here he struck perfect balance between loss and hope towards afterlife while still paying homage to many greats who walked before us!

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