The Campo di Rialto (c. 1758-63) by Canaletto

The Campo di Rialto - Canaletto - c.1760

Artwork Information

TitleThe Campo di Rialto
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions19.6 x 30.9 cm
Art MovementRococo
Current LocationGemäldegalerie, Berlin, Germany
Location Created Venice, Italy

About The Campo di Rialto

“The Campo di Rialto” is an exquisite oil on canvas from around 1760 by the artist Canaletto, embracing the Rococo art movement. The artwork, sized at 19.6 x 30.9 cm, is classified as a “veduta” genre, depicting an expansive and detailed view. This piece was created in Venice, Italy, and it currently resides in the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin, Germany.

The artwork captures a bustling market scene set in the Campo di Rialto, the commercial heart of 18th century Venice. The artist meticulously portrays the daily life and architecture of the area with a striking attention to detail. The foreground of the artwork is animated with an array of market goods scattered on the pavement, suggesting the vivacity of commerce. Figures of various social standings move through the square, with merchants, shoppers, and onlookers all coexisting in this lively urban tapestry.

Canaletto demonstrates his mastery of perspective and light, drawing the viewer’s eye deep into the composition, from the intricately designed buildings that frame the scene to the clear Venetian sky that opens above. The architectural elements are rendered with precision, showcasing the facades of buildings adorned with arcades and balconies. Workers are seen maintaining the structures, indicative of the city’s perpetual growth and renovation. The subtle variations in light and shadow capture the ephemeral quality of the moment, a testament to Canaletto’s ability to breathe life into his vedute. The artwork stands as a historical document, offering an immersive glimpse into the spirit and setting of Venice during the Rococo period.

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