The Cantoria or Singing Gallery (1433-1439) by Donatello

The Cantoria or Singing Gallery - Donatello - 1433-1439

Artwork Information

TitleThe Cantoria or Singing Gallery
MediumMarble and colored glass
Current LocationThe Cantoria or Singing Gallery
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About The Cantoria or Singing Gallery

Donatello’s Cantoria sculpture was created during the early Renaissance period in Florence, Italy. The piece is a rectangular structure with relief balconies or galleries and served as a functional “singing gallery” for the choir section of the cathedral. Donatello carved angelic dancing children in simple garments behind five medievally styled columns.

Donatello was a master of various mediums like stone, bronze, wood, stucco, clay, and wax. His Cantoria sculpture exemplified his departure from the predominant flat iconography of that time and depicted natural and emotional human experiences instead. This also introduced elements from classical Greco-Roman sculpture into modern art.

Interestingly, the physical location where he worked on this piece intersects with the Latin cross shaped section of the cathedral in Florence. As such, it highlights how Donatello’s art mirrored both structural and aesthetic components of architecture during that era.

In summary, Donatello’s Cantoria sculpture is an excellent example of how art mirrors society’s culture and beliefs during specific periods throughout history. It provides us with insight into emerging trends within art forms while also demonstrating artist techniques’ evolution through transitions between eras.

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