The Chase (1914) by Carlo Carra

The Chase - Carlo Carra - 1914

Artwork Information

TitleThe Chase
ArtistCarlo Carra
MediumCollage on pasteboard
Dimensions39 x 68 cm
Current LocationMattioli Collection, Milan
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About The Chase

Carlo Carra was a renowned Italian painter and writer who made significant contributions to the Metaphysical Painting and Futurist Painting art movements. 1914 saw the creation of one of his most notable works, The Chase; an oil on canvas painting that depicts a chaotic scene with dynamic movement.

The painting’s foreground features a group of frantic figures running in all directions, while in the background, there is a cityscape depicted by skilfully executed architectural lines. The colours used are predominantly muted earth tones, which serve to heighten the emotional intensity of the scene.

Carlo Carra experimented with different styles throughout his career, making him one of Italy’s most influential painters during the first half of the twentieth century. It is believed that he wanted his artwork always to be based on relevant social demands and away from mere aesthetics. As such, Carra’s paintings like “The Chase” have several layers of meaning thought to represent contemporary issues regarding social change and individuality.

Overall, Carlo Carrà’s “The Chase” remains a prominent example of Futurism’s use of dynamic movement as well as its desire for depicting relevant social concerns.

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