The choir of the Groote Kerk in Bergen op Zoon (1520) by Albrecht Durer

The choir of the Groote Kerk in Bergen op Zoon - Albrecht Durer - 1520

Artwork Information

TitleThe choir of the Groote Kerk in Bergen op Zoon
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationStadelsches Kunstinstitut und Stadtische Galerie (Stadel), Frankfurt am Main, Germany

About The choir of the Groote Kerk in Bergen op Zoon

“The Choir of the Groote Kerk in Bergen op Zoom” is an artwork by Albrecht Dürer, created in 1520 as part of the Northern Renaissance movement. The piece is categorized as a sketch and study and currently resides at the Städel Museum (Städelsches Kunstinstitut und Städtische Galerie) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The artwork depicts a detailed architectural study of the choir of the Groote Kerk, also known as the large church, located in Bergen op Zoom. Dürer’s sketch is rendered with fine, meticulous lines, showcasing the texture and craftsmanship of the brickwork and the structural elements of the church. The various shades of hatching suggest depth and dimension, emphasizing the architectural features. The drawing has a delicate quality, with careful attention given to the intricacies of the building’s façade and its surroundings. Despite the sketch-like nature, Dürer’s expertise in capturing the essence and feel of the church’s architecture is evident. The composition also includes smaller buildings and possibly a portion of the surrounding cityscape, which offers context to the featured structure and highlights the artist’s ability to situate his subjects within their broader environment.

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