The clog-maker (1888; Arles-sur-tech, France) by Paul Gauguin

The clog-maker - Paul Gauguin - 1888; Arles-sur-tech, France

Artwork Information

TitleThe clog-maker
ArtistPaul Gauguin
Date1888; Arles-sur-tech, France
Art MovementPost-Impressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About The clog-maker

“The Clog-maker” is a genre painting created by the artist Paul Gauguin in 1888, during his residence at Arles-sur-tech, France. This artwork is rendered in oil on canvas and is currently held in a private collection. Gauguin’s piece falls under the Post-Impressionism art movement, which is characterized by a more vivid use of color and an emphasis on the emotional rendering of a scene rather than the realistic depiction of its details.

The artwork illustrates a craftsman, presumably the clog-maker, engrossed in his work. The clog-maker’s figure dominates the foreground; he sits with his back slightly turned to the viewer, his posture suggesting concentration and mastery of his craft. The figure is wearing a hat that shields his face, which adds to the sense of mystery regarding his personality. The palette is replete with earthy tones and rich, dark hues that evoke the essence of labor and the material nature of the wood he carves. Gauguin’s brushwork is both fluid and textural, creating a sensory impression of the environment and work that consumes the clog-maker’s attention.

The composition demonstrates an intimate proximity to the subject, allowing viewers to sense the immediacy of the craftsman’s experience. The background and surrounding elements are abstracted, enhancing the focus on the action of the clog-maker himself. This approach is typical of Gauguin, who often simplified forms and employed symbolism in his works to convey deeper meanings and elicit emotional responses.

In summary, “The Clog-maker” by Paul Gauguin exemplifies the Post-Impressionist movement through its expressive use of color and form, capturing a slice of everyday life in a compelling and emotionally resonant manner.

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