The Coming Storm (1878) by George Inness

The Coming Storm - George Inness - 1878

Artwork Information

TitleThe Coming Storm
ArtistGeorge Inness
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions26 x 38 1/2 in (66 x 97.8 cm)
Current LocationAlbright-knox Art Gallery, Buffalo

About The Coming Storm

The Coming Storm is a captivating oil on canvas painting created by artist George Inness in 1878. The artwork showcases wildlife and wild lands in a “domesticated” fashion, offering a unique perspective to capturing the beauty of an ordinary field.

The piece measures 26 x 38.5 inches and is framed at 37 x 50 x 4 inches. It currently resides as part of the Buffalo AKG Art Museum collection, having been acquired through the Albert H. Tracy Fund in 1900. Despite its age, “The Coming Storm” remains remarkably well-preserved.

Inness found inspiration from simple sources, and his appreciation for ordinary landscapes can be seen in this particular piece as he portrays a seemingly mundane scene with vivid detail and energy. The brushstrokes are fluid, conveying movement and emotion throughout the work.

Overall, “The Coming Storm” is not only a technically impressive painting but also an excellent representation of how beauty can be found even in the most common surroundings – if we look hard enough.

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