The Company Of St George (the St Jorisdoelen) (1616) by Frans Hals

The Company Of St George (the St Jorisdoelen) - Frans Hals - 1616

Artwork Information

TitleThe Company Of St George (the St Jorisdoelen)
ArtistFrans Hals
MediumOil On Canvas

About The Company Of St George (the St Jorisdoelen)

Frans Hals, a celebrated Dutch Golden Age painter, painted the portrait of The Company of St. George (St. Jorisdoelen) in Haarlem in 1616. The painting is one of several group portraits Hals produced for the St. George Civic Guard and depicts a scene featuring portraiture, still life, and landscape elements. Notably, the painting hung in the main hall of the complex on Grote Houtstraat and featured notable individuals who were part of St. Jorisdoelen.

Although there has been some debate about whether Hals painted this work on location or not, it is possible that he did so as he lived close to St. Jorisdoelen during his time in Haarlem. Despite its long-lasting impact, there exists some controversy about how accurate a reflection the painting was of what was present at St. Jorisdoelen at that time.

Frans Hals died in 1666 and was buried in Haarlem after achieving wide acclaim for his paintings characterized by loose brushstrokes and lively style. Today, his famous portrait series hangs at Frans Hals Museum located in Haarlem showcasing various members of The Company Of St George (the St Jorisdoelen).

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