The Coronation of the Virgin (c. 1503) by Raphael

The Coronation of the Virgin - Raphael - c. 1503

Artwork Information

TitleThe Coronation of the Virgin
Datec. 1503
MediumOil on Canvas (transferred from panel)
Dimensions267 x 163 cm
Current LocationVatican Museum, Rome
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About The Coronation of the Virgin

Raphael’s The Coronation of the Virgin is an early masterpiece painted for the Oddi Chapel in Perugia around 1503-4. The painting captures Mary, Jesus, and John the Baptist as they contemplate the cross held by Jesus. It is closest to Raphael’s master Perugino’s style and depicts Mary being crowned as Queen of Heaven in its highest point.

This altarpiece remains a significant achievement for Raphael as it captures his transition from Perugino’s influence towards developing his distinct style. He achieved status as an independent master in 1500, and it influenced his future works. Shortly after this painting, he created three small paintings that involved narrative painting, also considered a masterful example.

It is worth mentioning that The National Gallery houses another painting named The Coronation of the Virgin by Annibale Carracci. However, it was painted later than Raphael’s work after 1595 and depicted Mary being coronated at Frankfurt Church – later burnt down in 1729 – hence destroyed with it.

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