The Count of Floridablanca (1783) by Francisco Goya

The Count of Floridablanca - Francisco Goya - 1783

Artwork Information

TitleThe Count of Floridablanca
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions260 x 166 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About The Count of Floridablanca

“The Count of Floridablanca” is an oil on canvas artwork completed in 1783 by the illustrious artist Francisco Goya. Classified within the Romanticism movement, this classic portrait measures 260 cm by 166 cm. The exquisite creation, which lies within the confines of a private collection, exemplifies the artistic genre of portraiture distinctive of its period.

The artwork depicts a full-length portrait of a distinguished man, the Count of Floridablanca. He is garbed in a sumptuous red coat adorned with elaborate gold embroidery, which signifies his lofty status, complemented by a sash and star of an order that bespeaks his noble rank. His attire is completed with knee britches and white stockings, paired with elegant black shoes with golden buckles. The Count’s confident gaze directly engages the viewer, as he appears to be engaged in a diplomatic or state affair, evidenced by the various papers and a plan branded “PLAN / DEL / CANAL PARA / DAR EL / AGUA / A MURCIA” on the desk before him, which alludes to his role in an important project for the region of Murcia.

In the background, one can observe that Goya has included himself within the work, standing behind a canvas, which brings a personal touch to the portrayal, implying an interactive scene between artist and patron. Moreover, the artwork exhibits an exquisite level of detail in the rendering of textures and uses lighting to further emphasize the importance of the main subject, the Count. A rococo-style clock to the right signifies the importance of industriousness and time in state affairs, while overlooking the scene is a portrait within a portrait, likely of the monarch or a person of stature. Such intricacies reflect Goya’s ability to create a vivid narrative and atmosphere around his subject, placing the Count within the wider context of his duties and responsibilities.

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